Good track for Linux Users and MacOS: You will receive an electronic signature online


Users of Linux and MacOS can obtain certificates for electronic signatures across the internet. Tell your media department of the Interior Ministry (MV) of the Slovak Republic.

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"Received signature certificates before you started
no online policing service is possible but a personal visit trip
document offices. The online service was used with e-signature candidates since October
in more than 10 000 cases, "
said the Ministry.

A new version of the eID user I can do
interested parties wanting the necessary documents for signatures through the Internet,
released in October by the Interior Ministry in partnership with the National Agency for
Network and Electronic Services (NASES).

The situation for its device on the internet is potentially possible
electronic identity card implemented by security code
(Bok). However, this can only be done by the police.

Software updated on & # 39; Citizens Identification Charter by department
to run through a secure communications system, with the candidates themselves
PIN position and PUK code for electronic signature. Her next steps are
a candidate system for three types of qualifications. The electronic signature is
according to the Ministry that is equivalent to a signature authenticated in the classical class

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