Goodale says that prison criteria programs could be changed. – Red Deer Advocate


OTTAWA – Prison exchange programs that the guards say can be dangerous for their health and safety to have a look, Minister Rathph Goodale's Safety Minister said Tuesday.

A federal prison service has already established a needle program at centers in Ontario and New Brunswick to try to reduce infection infections among residents.

The campaign, which is issued to all federal prisons starting in January, allows owners to carry out cleaning designations to try to limit hepatitis C and HIV.

Jason Godin, president of the Union of Canadian Marking Officers, says that the plan is consistent with the # 39; Principle that extends to a drug tolerance policy on drugs and his / her; imprisonment more seriously for the people who work in them.

By allowing people who are in a position. Using criterion in their cells greatly enhances your threat to passwords, may be injured or arrested by glittering sticks, the union says. It is noteworthy, in similar programs with some European countries, that there is no permitted cell cell, only in centers run by health professionals.

"We are trying to find the government look at other options that may be available," said Godin Tuesday in an interview. "We do not welcome the program, but at the same time if they go down that way, we want it to be implemented on the way safest. "

Goodale told the House of Commons public safety committee. He had a very good debate with Godin last week and he wants the union of "the full confidence" to be respected.

"It's really important and there is hard work," said Goodale. "I want to make sure we are as well as people who can respond to the legitimate representations of UCCO."

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