Google added more penalties in 2018 than taxes


What do you think – did Google pay more penalties or taxes in 2018?

Well, that was easy: Google company dispute more money in tax penalties paid last year. But how can that be done?

Overall, there was another good year; in 2018 for Alphabet, Google's leading company. According to the annual report, its sales company increased by 23% to 136.8 billion US dollars. The net profit is even doubled compared to the previous year. Unfortunately, her company still has a & # 39; paying much smaller taxes. Instead of $ 14.5 billion, there was only $ 4.2 billion in payable income tax.

The British magazine "Computing" complies with this sum and the penalties that would have to be done; last year's company: Google needed to give $ 5.1 billion to the EU in 2018 for a number of breaches. It was a majority – 4.3 billion dollars – due to the Android process. The EU Commission opposed Google not to oppose its market power.

In early 2017, Google was convicted to $ 2.7 billion well. This year Google has a 50 million euro penalty. This refers to the breach of the European General Data Protection Management (DSGVO), established by the French data protection authority CNIL. This is the highest sentence ever given since the introduction of the GDPR.

But how does Alphabet 2018 have to pay such tolls? There may be the main reason in the US. There, the Trump government tax reform has led to US divisions such as Apple or Google to return their secured profits abroad to their own country. As a result, they benefited from large tax tours.

Including digital tax is currently being debated in the European Union. However, the member states can not agree on a common line. In particular, the German Federalist Government has raised recent concerns about a special tax on digital companies.

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