Google Allo said he was fast closed


Dec 05 AT 1:04 PM
Evan Selleck


If you are an Allo Google user, you may have been aware of the development of the app on the long run. It seems to be a sign of bad things that were in the distance.

According to the Wednesday report 9to5Google, Google plans to close Allo. The report is based on unknown sources that are familiar with Google's plans, but Google may have any delays in the forthcoming publication, so we can not hear about the Allo event at any time as fast. Things have been very roughly honest for Allo, Amit Fulay, directed by Google to go to Facebook earlier this year.

Most of the Allo team seems to move forward and is now working on Android Messengers. That app has been overloading features from Allo regularly for now now, and Google may hope customers are responsible for Consumers longer than anything other days. At least until the City of Dorset service of the company can go up and run in full force.

The story is that Allo is closing down to & # 39; It's hot on the sea that "Hangouts Classic" is also also translated into the future. It's probably like Google to start to & # 39; reinforcing a bit larger, and closing the services it is doing; feel to start to & # 39; getting better and putting a little greater emphasis on other, more recent projects.

Do you still use Google Allo?

Source: 9to5Google

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