Google allows some practitioners to test their AR address feature for Google maps


At the I / O developer's conference last year, Google showed a new feature of Google Maps, which would guide people from your mobile phone in real time. As my colleague Chaim Gartenberg said, it is similar to what was promised by Google Glass, but without the headset. An Wall Street JournalDavid Pierce was able to try an early version of the feature.

He says that although the main option is not the best turnover, it's a big step. in the right way for Google Maps. "He commented on how the feature – the application can select a person's position through a GPS, and then use Street View data to restrict it to the right place "Once it was decided to punish its situation, it showed large arrows and instructions in its screen." It was like maps would have drawn my directions to the real world, although not see someone else. "

It continues to say that the app is not a # 39; allows you to use the camera regularly, asking you to file it later, and show a regular map interfaces when you do so. Rachel Inman, the director of its client's customers, says "he's for those months," I'm sorry. get off the subway, where will I go first? ""

So, Google has been trying to try the user interface, & # 39; find that users keep a line on the ground closely, and not steer a vibrant driver on the decoration. Pierce says that the interfaces that made it look forward to change, and Google does not say when the feature will be taken to users, just because it's available for "Local Local Guides "Soon, and" it comes to everyone except Google is satisfied that it's ready. "

Pierce says that two or two are away from this. The first is that it is a great benefit; It is of the feature that data generates a special place for people, and that it is a feature that is unlikely to be on phones, but on ARs capable of glasses. Companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, North, Vuzix, and others have been working, or selling the AR glasses themselves, means that Google's new feature could go into your visual line.

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