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A flow-up game platform in the industry is a big move in the future, as well as traditional games makers, other technology companies are also monitoring this market. Earlier, there was news that Google was considering the games market. More recently, there have been more patents for rust design, which could be new results in the future.

According to the newsletter, Google will launch a streaming platform such as "game version Netflix", and it can be provided via results such as Google Chrome or Chromecast, users of all the platforms are free to use the advanced platforms . The new design is not patented for a very special patent, except for the two sailing chains, the basic keys and a four-button design, with a central button which could be a microphone, and it is supplemented by Google Assistant features.

The patent also states that the lever can inspire the user, for example, there are new games to play, game invitations or leaderboard changes. However, the patent does not refer to the detailed action of the rocker, and it is not the final design. It is expected that Google will publish more information at the Games Development Conference at the end of March, and then find out what material Google Gourgo is selling.

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