Google Chrome 73 Beta brings something new to users


This weekend, the new Google Chrome beta was released: Version 73 includes new features and is available in the separate beta seats for Android, Chrome OS, Linux , macOS and Windows Unlike most of the beta versions of the browser, this time Google has new features not just for developers, but also for end users.

So, there are now advanced options for copying with a & # 39; Google Account and make best use of the image mode. In the new "Specification and Google Services section", Google is now setting up options for the data collected by its & # 39; company with browser help. Most of the settings are not completely new, but previously only in the "privacy and security" field. If Chrome is already using 72, you could think it's already familiar.

Chrome 73 also includes advanced spellchecking and a new option to develop search results when Chrome is active; allowing anonymously to be assessed. In addition, Google includes "API Badging" called Chrome 73. In fact, it allows images for web applications through a signal to give features – such as quiz to read. The web applications also include an automated image mode, which can be done by itself when you drop apps or tabs. According to Google, it should be particularly useful for video conferencing. At this time, it seems that this feature is only available for developers for exams.

Google will also be able to verify a custom button to crack ads on video clips. Then it would work for services that support the development feature – such as YouTube. Chrome also supports a hard drive for multi-media redesign from Beta 73 – such as YouTube video play and stopping. You should work both when Chrome runs in the background and in the foreground. But first you can only get Chrome OS, MacOS and Windows. Also, a new dark fashion should Google be integrated into the beta for Android.

Android Chrome 73 also includes downloading a new manager and also adds a & Correcting downloading the view of files – something has already been on blogging. Developers have included many more in the background, such as Constructable Stylesheets and GamePad API customizations. Read about it in the official Chromium blog.

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