Google Chrome Healthcare Booklet


Previously, we have set out a number of applications and plug-in Chrome that is trying to make us healthier by doing it; try to get rid of her & # 39; a computer after a specific time, if necessary, even more violently as long as possible; as you can. It is not so odd, this can be a solution to many people to avoid or ignore; reducing lower pain, joint complaints, or even poor blood pressure, as an hourly site setting does not make good to human body. Even today, we are working on a solution in this sector, which has the particular feature that Google itself has contributed to the health improvement of Chrome.

Interesting break: Chrome health improvement

Google Self-released add-ons can be installed in a Chrome browser with one click. The first way we are in is & # 39; install the plug-in circumstances It should not be basically converted. We need to verify the choice of options, what interim (how many hours), within which timeframe (say, just work hours) to warn from the browser, it would be The time to deal with a bit different from its immersion.

We can also set the warning form: image or browser message. In addition, you can also make pleasing but demanding surrender at the time of alarm. The browser can appear on the Chrome interface, or if it is configured in the system (this can be done for Windows 10 and MacOS), you can also get it as a system messenger.

We have seen such warnings from applications and plug-ins. The special feature of the Mindful break is that its pop-up panel Try an exercise exercise By clicking on & # 39; link, you can do a tricky trick as ordered in the program. So this time it's not a browser to stand up from the machine, but to make displacement exercises at special levels.

We let it be so violent that the Rest was given earlier (if necessary, it will extinguish the system for a few minutes to stop its computer from a & # 39; delet), it could be more effective. But if we have some self-control, we can allow the call and stand up at the device, or at least an extraordinary exercise in a few minutes to protect our health.

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