Google doodle celebrates the 44th anniversary of the radio message Observator Arecibo into an interesting interstellar life


Google's Internet research tool and large technology to read a leodle; The first attempt of people at the Arecibo Theater in Puerto Rico to communicate with fascinating life outside the Earth on 16 November forty years.

His first interstate message was broadcast through the radio telescope at
Puerto Rico to inform an interesting life in a deep place to another star
clubs. The efforts and pending are still going to regenerate Arecibo
radio telescope for answer.

It is said to have the first three-minute radio detector; long
including a set of 1,679 first bilingual biddings
In a row 73 lines with 23 columns. The message the time was taken to a
A collection of stars called M-13, which is about 25,000 years away from us
planet. The message was created by the top scientists, Professor Frank Drake and Carl
Sagan, among others.

The Arecibo megawatter trigger was attached to its 305 meters
antenna then. But recently it was updated and the food was made
the largest and most powerful in the world to inform interstate understanding

According to Google, in the last 44 years since the message was
First published, the text did not travel only 259 billion, just a
A small portion of 146,965,638,531,210,240 and not thousands for finishing

We had to wait for a few
generations to restore the message if there is an interesting life elsewhere
and able to explain our message.

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