Google Duo is testing on group calls and light video developments


There are two new versions on the way to Google Duo, both of which were previously moved in the conversation application in 2018.

The first feature to be & # 39; Video chat for groups of users to compete with FaceTime Group Apple in iOS 12, and the second feature of the light mode for better video chat even if you have no perfect light.

The group conversation feature allows groups of up to 7 users to video video chat, when it is distributed. It is difficult to tell if the 7-person cap is to be a direct restriction for the early exams or if Google is going to allow groups of that particular size, but it seems very low in compared to conversation conversations 32 of Apple users. I can not think about a video chat with 31 other people a lot of fun for most things, but if you are in business or learning settings, I see the appeal. However, Google is not.

But it does not matter what the number of people in your video chat if they can not see, and that's where the lightweight mode is & # 39; come in. As you have a Snapchat lightweight model, when you protect Duo, your camera is clear to make things easier for everyone else to see. Do not expect any miracles such as what we got out of Night Pightel pixels, as there are usually no outside cameras; Looking into a soft image, but it's definitely a better knowledge than just blackberry with mobile lines.

That does not tell when Google takes them forward, as it seems that the users who caught them were early enough to be able to; go into the server side test. We hope we get the features by Google I / O this year.

source: Android Police

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