Google Fuchsia OS is likely to support the # 39; Android apps when using it


Although Google has been (or so) secretly working on a project within Fuchsia for at least a few years, it seems that its development has recently been created, with a large team of more than 100 engineers have said they are re-installations.

Not surprisingly, Fuchsia is likely to offer support to Android apps directly from the bat, based on concrete evidence found by 9To5Google in the Android Open Projects resources.

Google developers are not very quick when they come to their goal here, aiming to build "ART for Fuchsia." AMG is short for Android Runtime, which allows a different platform to go to # 39; Run apps are designed specifically for the most popular mobile phone OS in the world with few of the attempting apps.

Indeed, it is likely that the special features and technical implementation of this attempt will remain under journeys for a longer period, especially due to the complex nature of the Fuchsia initiative as a whole.

The report may have started as an ambitious Android reorganization to a small extent to become an even more powerful bid to bring together and. Take over from each of the single software that empowers Google, and # 39; including Chrome OS and the unnamed operating system of the company's brilliant speakers and beautiful displays.

However, however, this project will get big and big before it comes to commercial level, a broad abduction will be difficult to pull it off, that is why Fuchsia needs to be -custom to the large number of outdoor Android apps.

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