Google Hangouts lets out


Google does not spend time when it comes to tricky decisions and the changes "bend". After just a few weeks ago, it was told that its social network, Google+, would have been sending other stuff, Google Hangouts, "a" cutter "reduction by 2020 .

The Chrome Chrome Google will be newer to Mexico

By 2020 it will be Google to delete Google Hangouts support, to & # 39; using seats for company users, and will make a new strategy in which these services are distributed in two new applications: Hangouts Chats and Hangouts Meet, That's in a brand series since March 2017. Diana had already been expecting something #ReporteUnocero this week.

According to the 9to5 Google report collected in different ways, the decision has already been made, they are interpreted, by spend and divide that Google Hangouts has suffered since it was last year's last year.

There has been a response from Google already

Scott Johnston, Google Outcome Manager, used his Twitter account to comment on the publication about Google Hangouts closing and gave "a report" to him as he said that Google's 9to5 has been well explained. "

He also made sure that Hangouts have not been decided and the plan is not to be closed, but to update users to their Hangouts apps (something like Google WhatsApp) and Hangouts Meet.

However, another report agrees with The Verge, the original version, and it's a # 39; remember that Google had been saying "your message application" closed in April this year, when he named a new RCS Chat device in Android Ideas.

Google Hangouts was born in 2013 as a Gchat representative, although it was updated in detail by Mountain View in the end.

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