Google has taken 13 exciting apps from the Play Store


Google has taken 13 attractive apps from its pharmacy. These 13 requests were downloaded 560 thousand hours from Play Play Google & # 39; But this application can attack the malware, that is why Google's move was taken.

Lucas Stefcono, a malware expert in the antivirus group that is at risk, is & # 39; issue this to tweet.

Malware is a malicious software in full name. That is, it is a software program that could harm them or harm them if they are; go into a smartphone or computer for some reason. This type of software can also go down or get personal information.

Stefanko said, though they are not doing anything directly, these apps want to download and install a file as & # 39; New Center This is the main threat. When downloaded, and mobile phones resolve, the user's mobile screen will be copied to; flashed on different ads. The phone was so damaged by phone

Google has decided 13 apps away from the Play Store due to this purpose. Among the 13 apps, your gaming apps like truck cargo simulators, car driver simulators, large car drives, a large road crossroads Two of the apps as big as people. It is known that all of these apps are made by developers such as Luiz and Pinto.

Although such events did not happen for the first time Last year, Google was to eliminate seven million bad apps from the Play Store.

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