Google has taken 13 exciting apps from the Play Store


Using Android Smartphone Then it's good to know about this information. 13 apps were removed from Google Play Store. Google says that malware hurts smartphones through all of these apps. This step is to stop it.

In the tweet of ESET malware expert Lucas Stefunko, it is known that some of the most awesome market apps make timber, Could not harm the digital phone. Your personal information may probably fall. He said that over 560,000 downloads were downloaded from Google Play Store, 13 apps. And these apps were created with one developer company. Out of 13, there were two apps in the Play Store in the move section. After finding out about the case, Google decided that 13 apps would take away from the Play Store, TechGiant Google

How do malware go into your mobile phone through apps Investigators say that these 13 apps do not do anything directly. Instead of requesting and downloading and installing a designated APS Game Center. Once it is downloaded, the app will hide your mobile phone Then the mobile phone opened, the user displayed on the hand screen, the interconnected ads, The telephone was so damaged by phone. Lucas posted a video to show how the app works. However, Google has already gone away from the new game from the App Store for Android users so they do not have any problems.

This malware is spreading from some of the apps. There were giant apps such as truck truckers, car driving samples, real car driving, key vehicle motifs at the heart. Interestingly, those apps in PlayStore are very good. But today, Android smartphone users do not have to face any other hazards. Although such events did not happen for the first time Last year, Google was to eliminate seven million bad apps from the Play Store.

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