We saw plenty of good modes on Home Hub acting shows published by Google on the Friday Black / Cyber ​​Monday weekend. Most retailers have gone down to $ 99, and some of the things were better than they did; prefer a bit of research. However, the $ Walmart Home bundle and the Mini Home bundle are the best we have ever seen.

Before this, you may all know both of these materials. The Hub Home is the 7 "left display of Google itself, and the Home Mini is a smart speaker helpful. Both of you would cost $ 200 to exit from MSRP, but Walmart is a" It offers both for the second half. He has been offering Hub Hub that he wants $ 99 earlier today; we are not sure when we decided to & # 39; bundle san Home Mini extra cost no. VUDU $ 10 credit is also included – it does not really cost anything from Walmart since VUDU is at home .

The Hub Home and Home Mini are both available in wood-colored and chalk colors. We do not know how long & long; This contract is only online, and we are sure that many people will split it, and will not be happy if you are interested.