Pair Fast It was announced last year and there is a set of definitions that Google makes it easier for makers to make sure Bluetooth leaders and speakers can connect much faster and with a simple user-friendly process .

Today, Google has updated Fast Pair so that Android smartphones and tablets that are associated with the same risk share the connection settings Bluetooth.


This means they will connect by phone to a smartphone or any other tablet that uses the same Google contract by sending it; connecting destination to telephone. That's simple

A Fast Couple is compatible with Android 6.0 and in 2019 on Chromebooks

Each pair will work with each pair Android 6.0 and higher, and promising support in 2019 for Chrome Books Besides, Google has been working with manufacturers Jaybird, The Bose and Anker SoundCore, so that these new assignations are included and consistent with Fast Pair.

In other words, we will spend the short term for the good result of mobile phones and speakers that help Bluetooth connections between Android phones. Indeed, we have to wait to find out if this technology is better, or at least the same thing, as Apple introduces the AirPods W1 team.

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