Google is launching a new "Job Research" feature A & # 39; including a job from the webpage Select the most advanced one.


In today's world, if someone finds something for something, Google is the first choice of each service. Include anyone who has a & # 39; looking for a new job. Previously, Google's work research is the same as the usual search in the sky, but today Google Thailand has launched a new "Job Research" feature to the Panel of Experts for work research. Finding the right place is easier and easier.

Google launches work as the 4th nation in Asia

This is the fourth country in Asia after its opening in India, Singapore and Hong Kong. This feature will add information from the web partners to find jobs. The main thing., JobTopGun,, LinkedIn,,, and blognone. These partners need to make an api for Google. Looking to work for yourself, Google does not have a & # 39; limited to collaboration, but only the great leader. But also open to other partners. It can add data to the Google Index with the Documentation Documentation feature. This is a reasoned feature designed to help you get a job from different groups. Small and large sites are easily found on Google using open architecture known as, led by Google.

Online job research is becoming increasingly popular. Following year-on-year research, 17% arrived and there were more mobile jobs inquiries on modern desktop PCs. 14% work research grew from the previous year.

Over 100,000 jobs are selected.

For a presentation in Google, the organic work research is or should be. There are no advertising features in any way. The research is designed for each person by choosing closer work at home. At present, over 100,000 jobs have been made.

How to use Google Job Search

We can find work from Google through your own browser or app. The search term may be specific or broad. Name your company or job title.

  • Bangkok Administration
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Jobs at Apple
  • Banking

We can design the job description in a number of other subjects.

  • Department of work
  • Location and distance
  • Publication date
  • Full-time or Part-time
  • Business Type
  • Employer

Which company has the web capable of publishing works with Google.

In most cases, any company wishing to attract more people needs to use the web service only. To make advertising just for the audience. But Google is currently searching for work that has already been launched. We can open the work from the webpage that we can do. The way we say above we need to do the web that uses Google api to send data to its & # 39; the menu. If you do not know technically. And its company has to use WordPress or CMS; Many people may plug-in to do it.

Below is a WordPress plug-in, which we can download directly. No cost

Droidsans identified work research and workplace.

This is the plug-in to the web that is sooner. As we are now expanding the team. Anyone interested in recording up to work together. There are a number of jobs below.

  • Writer
  • Creative
  • Graphic Designer

While you are & # 39; Waiting for the plug-in, anyone with a resettlement can be sent to [email protected]

More information about Google for Jobs is available. at least

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