Google is planning your search engine. Give an opportunity to comment on the results


People love to tell their own names. Especially on the internet. This is why the opinion section has been a permanent part of the internet, which increases the anger, laughter and loss of religion in humanity in a few minutes. But there is one spot where no comments are needed – Google search.

The largest search engine on the internet is aimed at adding feedback. Its company is small and small; Starting & empowering users to comment on research results. In the Google Search Tool, now you have a guide to how to put these comments. Ideas usually tend to be unnamed and put them in your own name, just as there are other Google services.


So far, Google is able to comment only on some topics related to sport. So you can keep up with school girls if your favorite football team has been launching a game or likes comments from followers or other guardians. Comments should also be working on YouTube, so byou can evaluate other ideas and it will be shown to you as "as glamorous".

It is interesting if people are able to comment on the results. Even a technology giant is not sure about them, perhaps this is why they only give them specific issues. But the future may be good. Imagine, for example, that you are searching a special type of mobile phones, and users will share yourself directly on Google itself.

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