Google is promoting Pixel 3 with campaign & # 39; Unhealthy & banned


  • Google has launched a new video series to boost Pixel 3 promotion.
  • The three videos see people who are in a position; struggling with their decision to put the old phones away for Google's new flag.
  • He does not work well.

Google has launched a new advertising campaign to promote Pixel 3 from another tweed phone. The & Unswitchable & # 39; Presenting three videos to date, posted on YouTube channel by Made by Google Yesterday (through 9to5Google).

The six-to-seven-minute promo videos lasting three people long; as they discuss whether they should move to a new Pixel. They are followed up in their normal customs while the host has a & # 39; Ask them about their way of life and what they use their phones. Each partner is definitely unhappy about change.

There is a chef and a small business business, for example, who says that she is too busy to change phones. The people then challenge her to go to her. move the content of your existing phone to Pixel 3 before it can end up to # 39; making a machine. It is intended to identify as soon as easy as possible; The process is considered (speed of data transfer is to come up again).

The Pixel 3 camera is also shown when a dog keeper offers some photographs, and we will also look at examples of AR emojis in two or two.

Then, the singers will spend three weeks with her; Pixel 3 to see the ditch they have their old phone and "make the change" permanently. They do a bit of vlogs during this time to give information on how they are; get on.

Google will build this amazing drama on whether the partners will be able to; Turning to Pixel 3 at the end of time with him but he does not work really. It may not be surprising to learn, the one says they are moving to Pixel 3. in the & # 39; Video taken by Google to promote Pixel 3. It's like it's like.

These advertising types – which appear to appear in the context of being filming specifically as a marketing piece – always a & # 39; I struggled so unhappy. There is a subscription in the videos that says that the ideas that the partners have come true and have been compensated for the time. "Although they are not actuators, these videos are unnatural and maintained.

The partners are also uncertain for the "uncertain" enterprises – they are easy to move and there are no hard fans on a competitive platform (eg iOS). No doubt, not just a companion who does not want her to change phones.

For all Pixel 3 and big camera behavior, as it is restricted in the clips, these messages will be decomposed with the ads offer.

Everything said, it's a suggestion that Google has hindered from & # 39; mentions the iPhone on the clips, instead of showing other devices within a case. It was easy to release Apple's products, but Google saved them. Give notes, Samsung marketing team.

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