Google is very much to redistribute a Regular Theme of & # 39; Store Store & Ratings & Reviews & # 39;


In the last few weeks, Google has been trying to redesign the "Stores and reviews". A & # 39; Cover all applications, movies, television, books and music records.

Like Google Maps, the Play Play will be updated automatically one part at a time. The most recent thing is the "Ratings and reviews" section in each list. Displayed under the content description, it is a & # 39; The first thing customers meet remains a responsible record of each review.

However, the code of each star is not in a color code and just a text bar that corresponds to the type of media you are in; look: green green for apps / games, red for movies / TV, blue for books, and orange for music. This topic is also present in individual reviews and other parts of the interface.

Instead of "Highlights Review" which again defines phrases in reviews, Google Play is now a & # 39; list the "Best Positive Review" and "Verbal Review" with a button to see more of all types.

Included as Object Material cards with accurate, faster green, Google is asking if you are; think there is a helpful review (Yes or No). The previous idea was the image up, while "Unhelpful" was held in a & # 39; oversite schedule.

At the bottom, users can "View all reviews" with new hydraulics at the top of this view. Carusel allows users to be resolved by All, Positive, Critical, and 1-5 stars. Apps reveal the "Most Revised Reviews" section that can not be found by other media types. Users can make more screens with "most appropriate" and "latest", as well as "latest version" and "Model of this device."

This design is very clean and there is a good job in producing a lot of filters built in. One of the best uses of Google Material Theme is to organize information. The new "Ratings and reviews" reform is widely distributed by version 13.4.11 of Google Play Store this week.

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