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Google has published its vibrant email account feature in Gmail, which uses AMP to make “more useful and interactive” emails. ”

In recent years the net has changed significantly, and although there is flat and flat content on the way out, one of the few things that has changed is little. Email messages are as constant as the day's messages – it's the only interactive thing you can e-mail to click on a link that takes you elsewhere.

Now, Google has a mission to make “more useful and interactive” emails, with a little help from AMP, its open campaign which will allow developers to create content that is both Attractive and high-performing on all platforms and platforms. With AMP's integration in Gmail, emails are becoming very exciting, enabling users to keep up to date with all the latest information on it show them in them.

This can include the latest thinking strands, proposed works, and more. As Google explains the recent comments about this feature, this also provides an opportunity for users to “directly take action directly from the message themselves, such as RSVP to an event, complete a questionnaire, check the survey now”. T provide a catalog or reply. ”

For instance, instead of getting email messages when someone has signed up for Google Docs, they'll just see an idea for Gmail. They can then answer or arrange an answer without leaving Gmail or your own email.

Many companies such as, Despegar, Doodle, Equine, Freshworks, Nexxt, OYO Chambers, Pinterest and redBus, have started to use dynamic emails “to make their emails both active and relevant. ”

Pinterest makes it easier for users to find and save comments to their boards, while the OYO Chambers allow users to view both proposed hotels and their properties. can be easily accessed by email.

Doodle lets users reply to meetings, not leaving the e-mail left.

Google says that their emails are private and secure, and that anyone interested in receiving emails must first have their posts reviewed by Gmail before they do so. Automatic emails are being distributed to Gmail users on the web and no static support is still in place. Within the next few days, G Suite customers enable dynamic emails for their organization in consoil Admin.

If you use Gmail's email app, you will still receive an email, but you can see the static version of your client. Developers who would like to find out more about how to build e-mails can submit to this blog post.

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