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Diane Greene announces Friday that she was going down after three years after she had been arrested. run Google Google business. It will continue to start the first year of the year to help her; following, Thomas Kurian, in the move. He left Oracle at the end of September after more than 20 years ago with his company, and is responsible for the Google cloud division to be easier in terms of campaign, a goal that has been a & # 39; welcome the company.

Greene was aboard in 2015 to bring order and enterprise to his business and company. As she helped her, they moved on that route, and grew up in the cloud industry, but it was not enough. There have been rumblings for months of Greene's time to come to an end.

So the torch is given to Kurian, who spent more than two decades of a company that could be the only Google meeting. It was produced by Oracle, a company of traditional enterprise software. Oracle has struggled to move to an ocean company, but Bloomberg said in September that one of the reasons why Kurian was leaving at the time was a difference of opinion by & # 39; Chairman Larry Ellison overcast a cloud strategy. According to the report, Kurian wanted to make Oracle software available on public clouds such as AWS and Azure (and Google Cloud). I thought Ellison did not agree and two or two weeks later, Kurian stated that he was going on.

Although Kurian's appearance seems to have not been properly proven with Google, it is important to keep in mind that his / her account is to be considered; come forward. He also relies on the thousands of materials and helped him to support the movement of Oracle to the sun. He has knowledge of product nutrition that is required by enterprises, and this may be the kind of knowledge that Google was doing; found in his next cloud director.

Constellation's founder and principal analyst Ray Wang says that Google still has a need to support the campaign, and believes that Kurian is the right person to get help with his company. "Kurian knows what needs to be done to create a cloud company working for enterprise users," said Wang.

If it is right, Google may be just an old-school enterprise operator that needs to turn the Cloud section into power-powered energy. Greene always finds out that he was early days; was there for the cloud and Google had enough time to take part of the market that had not been captured, a point she made in her blog post posted on Friday. "The area is early in the morning and there is a great opportunity for us," she wrote.

Perhaps she's right about that, but hard marketing seems to be hard. AWS, who was the first market, has a big marketing leader with over 30 per cent with a & # 39; most accounts. Microsoft is the only company with market strength at this time to run them for their money and the other company with double digital market share installments. Indeed, Amazon's marketing is greater than the next four companies together, according to data from Synergy Research.

Although Google has always been named in the Big 3 cloud companies with AWS and Microsoft, with around $ 4 billion coming in the year, it has a long way to get to the top of those other companies. Despite Greene's comments, time may be at # 39; run out to run. Kurian may have been the person who's on her. company to capture some of this complex marketplace as companies move more workloads with the sun. At this point, Google is counted to do so.

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