Google Maps AR navigation feature is now being tested


You may be remembered on its & # 39; Last year's I / O development conference last year, its company announced its new feature for Google Maps that improved the navigation of the app for pedestrians. By using Abusiveness faster and the camera / camera on his / her; your phone, the app will show you a real time to look at where you are currently, with arrows on the screen telling you where you go. Currently, local Guides have enough guidance, which always uses the app and is reviewing it.
According to Wall Street Journal, which was capable of determining the feature, as long as it was a & # 39; Looking for coffee shops and one of them selected, saw the new "Start AR" button. Clicking, the application traveled to a real-time and visual view; ask a user to move the camera phone around to lock it. Once Google Maps knew exactly where the user was, the application will be & # 39; Decide the camera view to Street View which is stored on Google servers. After losing the arrows to be difficult, the user and their feet will give the right destination.

Google says that the AR feature is not to be used as long as it is a drive. The Googler, which guides to & # 39; project, Rachel Inman, says the Google Maps AR address "for those times is" I'm getting off the subway, where will I go first? "" And if you put down the phone time for a second, the AR mode is closed to & # 39; show the general level of Google Maps UI. To block users to pay attention to the screen on their front and to be able to; crash, Google Maps remind them to set down the phone. If the user misses that advice, the screen will automatically diminish. He also does this to stop his & # 39; It was powered by the user's phone.

It may be a while before Google makes an AR sailor ready for a prime time. But once it is, those who want Google's walking directors to go to; Going into a new world where they can find out about where they are walking. Those who travel through a country in another country can use the AR controller with Google Translate signage in the # 39; their main language.

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