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A boy saw the 'viral video more disgusting 'of Facebook and was completely impacted just like millions of Internet users. However, the curiosity of the young man was so great that he reached other limits. It turns out that you entered Google Maps to search for the place where the clip would have been recorded.

After several hours sticking to his computer and to Google Maps, the boy supposedly found the location in which he had recorded viral video which is in the mouth of all the users of Facebook and other social networks.

According to the young man, he viral video de Facebook He would have been registered close to Los Angeles, United States. "Finally, after several search hours I've found the place where they recorded the video," the user said Google Maps.

However, thousands of Internet users did not agree with what the young person indicated. "I've also spent hours looking for the place, but I think you found you did not look like anything," said user of Facebook.

Without a doubt, more than one intersect has used Google Maps to give the place where the 'viral video more disgusting Facebook, which has millions of reproductions.

Let's remember that viral video In mention, he starts with a motorcyclist by opening a bottle with the tire of his vehicle, but then the scene is cut and a high content appears.

Look at the discovery of Google Maps:

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