Google Maps lives on the streets


Today, it is easier to get into an unidentified city than it would be. It is enough to remove your phones with a phones, run one of the sailing bids, and follow the directions to the destination.

However, sometimes with the digital phone we can go on. And some of us, whether they want to admit in or not, are not just the best in the direction of the place.

It would be a new Google solution and it should make it easier to & using Google Maps for accommodation.

This is an extended choice of fact in the Google mobile mobile app that shows the user the way to navigate through the smartphone camera.

A selection of users who have tried to try this new option says it is much easier to use. Just go to Google Maps, enter the destination, and then drag your phone as if you would like to take a place on your front.

The camera will scan your environment, and the application is </ p>; Show the arrow in the instructions that you need to start, depending on your location. So users will think the guides are to move in the real place, not just on their phone display.

They also thought about consumer safety in Google, and they will let you know about this when you need to leave the phone and look around. That is the opinion that the user has a & # 39; Look at the screen where it is going to and then to & # 39; Depression of the digital phone to the next time.

If this option may be available to a wider number of users, it is still unknown. They say in Google that they will be given it when they are happy with it. But this is an interesting example of how to use a wider fact in everyday life.


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