Google Maps: now you won't be late for your destination with the tab "Day trip" Technology and science | With music and news


One of the most important innovations that has emerged Google Maps the new "Daily Trip" chart shows where public transport, such as buses, is.

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In addition, the new tool can also help users focus on it Google Maps on Android right away with the message pushing.

In examining the work in October, the Mountain View company said: "Google Maps now there is a daily Trip Trip; provides a one-off opportunity for live traffic and live movement information appropriate to your journey. "

“We will tell you if your journey is normal or you need extra time as a result of an accident or heavy traffic.

“If there is a delay, we will tell you about other routes to help you get to your destination faster. AndroidYou will also receive notification of delays and breakages on your route as it is happening, so that you can be notified of the event before you are caught in traffic. "

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