Google says Goodbye to Allo


Google confirms that it is killing the smartphone app at Allo and instead it will aim to Messenger Messages, their Android message app.

Wrong? That's normal: Google's Google strategy is lucky, and it's been for years. But the latest search giant seems to make steps to change that.

"We built Google Allo, a prestigious message app, to help you to do more in your conversations and tell you easier," said Google vice-president Matt Klainer. "Earlier this year we stopped the investment in Allo and we had some of its favorite features – such as Smart Reply, GIFs and Event-related support support. Feedback Counters, we have decided to stop supporting Allo to focus on Consumers. "

Allo was published along with a video message app called Duo at Google I / O 2016. As I noted at the time, it's probably a "app app messaging" that That's what is available on iPhone too. But with the change of this week, Google seems to have no longer believed to be able to innovate in a message on the competitive platform.

Duo will continue, as it appears, goes. And unlike Allo, Google says that it "sees a strong partnership across both Android and iOS." So the company says that it will continue "to bring better improvements based on the learning of devices that make video calls with simple and reliable Duo."

In terms of Hangouts, the other Google access to a message of messaging apps, Google has previously published that it would "change" Hangouts into Characters Hangout Chats and separate Hangouts for businesses. But it will continue to support people who are in a position; using Hangouts so that Hangout Chats and Hangout Meet can also be given to users.

Yes, Google continues to & # 39; insanity. Google, as Google will see, is progressing.

"We have been inspired by the progress we have made with our communications experience over the last few years, and we are ready to take and forward the learning we have done from Allo to make messages more best, "Klainer writes. "And by re-settling on Messenger Messages and Duo for users and Chat Hangouts and Hangouts Meeting for team co-operation, we aim to deliver simpler and more integrated communication experience to all of you. "

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