Google trkp is completely changing


Google introduced the latest trkpt at an I / O Conference Conference, which would call the user with the interim camera.

The roll that expands to & # 39; allows Google trkp to fully accept it with the simplest mg podcasts. For the trkp app, the mobile phone crosses its & # 39; camera, and the system has removed the system.

However, Google does not want to enter the population by phone, so we will use it for a & # 39; the first time, and the trkp will return to the hot place. One of the leaders of the development team said that the job was open to situations when we left the meter and we do not know what screen we can do.

illusztrciFor: AFP / Anadolu Agency / Aytug Can Sencar

The trkp is not always lost, as Google's survey shows that users are willing to rely on their phones, and almost all have failed.

J trkpeleinte has only escaped from astonished people, but almost everyone is thrown out if Google has dropped the test results.

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