Google vacancies are available in Belo Horizonte


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Google is open to anyone who wants to work in the big Silicon Valley office in Belo Horizonte.

There are only two vacancies available for software engineers: their first person for experienced professionals and the second one for them. bringing their first career in the market.

In the official office port of its company, Google says that it is desirable that the candidates have training in Computing or in some related technical field. However, there is an opportunity for candidates to hire "practical practitioners".

A competitive year with a software and software engineering must be at least a year of experience and be able to work with two or more of the following languages: Java, C / C +, C # , Go-C, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and / or Rach.

Whatever the situation will work in the development and design of materials. In addition, it will go to Google, the professional will be able to contribute to a wide range of projects by using machine tools and tools knowledge.

The company will have a & # 39; Emphasize the values ​​required by professionals. "I need our engineers to be complex, have leadership skills and be enthusiastic about problem solving of all kinds because we continue to & # 39; taking forward technology, "he said.

Ultimately, Google says that it is "a celebration of diversity" and it's proud to have a # 39; Promoting equality of opportunity for all. "We are committed to offering opportunities, despite generating, color, genealogy, religion, gender, origin, gender, age, citizenship, status of marriage, disability or gender identity," it is ; explained.

The company also says that it is not a "#; discriminate against people with crime history, unless there are legal obstacles to potential recruitment.

At this time, there are 140 staff at Google in Belo Horizonte, a first office of the multinational group in Latin America, which operates from 2005.

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