Google Watch may have been very challenging Watch Watch and Galaxy Watch quickly


Apple Watch is a favorite to & # 39; smartwatch is the biggest.

Certainly the software and the premium build are incredible software and believe for such a performance.

At the same time, Galaxy Watch is the latest Samsung donation that has taken the S3 Gear back in August.

Although the hardship is not as sure that Apple is offering, it's still a & # 39; giving loyalists to Android with a variety of attractive features.

One of these is the hardware batteries that Samsung bids may last up to seven days at one cost for a more than 46millimeter hardweight model.

But it seems that Google can move a challenge again, if a new report from Nikkei's inn is to rebuke it.

The announcement, announcing a "familiar" with Google's produce plans, will make the giant smartwatch American technology itself off this year.

In addition, he added such a result of being designed to "compete with the Apple Watch".

Unfortunately, no discussion or detailed information was offered to discuss the device.

This is not the first time a Google device was reported.

Last year it was said that the Mountain View company would start with its Pixel 3 textphone.

Notable tipster Evan Blass said "trustworthy source" was saying that Google was expecting "Pixel-branded watch" to be "at its" fast-hit "event.

Although he is not sure whether Google was planning to release plans with his main mobile camera, there was no such thing; has been at the end.

Most of the smartwatches made by Apple Inc do not have a great deal. run Google Conduct OS Software.

Although the company has been a keen interest in developing the interface, it still wants to start its own output that will benefit it.

It was the name that was; has been using OS for Android and was re-launched in 2014.

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