There is usually no attendance at the Games Development Conference Googlebut in this year's edition everything will be different. In February Mountain View announced that it will hold a conference at the San Francisco, California event. Rumors indicate that his own concert has been shown and a video game service in stream.

Today the company release of publications be increasing his expectations, although they still do not mention what it means. As they said, On 19 March they will be uniting the world about their vision of "the future of videog games". The video shows a tour of different virtual scenarios that deserve any game today. Please see below: t

Google has been working on it Project Stream, stage running video games who had some controlled testing time in 2018. The elected people had the opportunity to choose an election Assassin Creed: Odyssey from Chrome, all due to cloud processing. It is anticipated that the company will provide a more positive version of the project and information on its access to the public.

It would have been the new faces video video gamesWe have heard rumors that since the year 2018 the console will spend time with the disc-reader in a bet for the above service. Interestingly, Google has recorded two patents relating to this patient in recent weeks.

One tells of the operation of the commandment system with his own system of notification. Furthermore, the link could not only be linked to the console, but also with smartphones, tablets and smartphones. Google's goal is to work on Pròiseact Stream on any device with a screen. Remember that game games are played on outside servers, so the video is only accessible. On Tuesday 19 March at 6:00 am (11:00 p.m. Mexico) all doubts will be resolved.