Google will launch 64-bit apps on its Play Store


From January 2019, Google will provide documents with developers to bring their Android applications to 64-bit. From August 2019, Google must have all new applications and application updates offering a 64-bit version, with some exceptions. Developers from 2021 will no longer get out.


Since 2017, Google started inviting developers to submit their applications to 64-bit, especially from Android 5.0 Lollipop, the OS is consistent with this architecture. In recent years, most of the new gadgets have a & # 39; offering a 64-bit process, whether smartphone or mid-line phones. In addition to supporting 64-bit applications, maintain a 32-bit agreement.

This means that a 32-bit application usually works on a 64-bit smartphone. However, on August 1st, 2019, the Play Store must do so New applications and updates also offer a 64-bit version. For Google, this will continue to achieve a lot better performance on devices that have been installed. support this architecture.

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Android will definitely receive 64-bit applications

Apple has already been abducted since June 2017 and asks all developers to submit a 64-bit version of their bids on the App Store. recognizes that it is consistent with this 7th edition architecture that was released in 2013. So developers are about 4 years to get up to date. Google has given them more time but they will start to restrict 32-bit apps to the Play Store; begins on 1 August, 2019.

In particular, it is about sending all new applications and updates to give a 64-bit conversion as well as 32-bit versions when it is published on Google Play Store. At this date, some of the exceptions will be accepted. These are apps for using OS and Android TV, but also games to & # 39; using the Unity 5.6 engine or earlier.

From August 2021, the Play Store stops accepting all (not just) applications that do not; offers a version consistent with the 64-bit architecture. This means that these apps are no longer available on & # 39; Play Store for 64-bit process tools. But Google explains that the distribution of the 32-bit applications will be; Continued for older devices with a 32-bit skip yet.

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