Google's Search Google indexing crack for its first mobile in-message and & # 39; warns about replacing old reports


Google has made two changes in Google's Google Search over the past 24 hours. In particular, the broadcasting newsletter now uses handheld boxing data when available. At the same time, Google has disclosed information about the old Google Search Google Ads when similar reports are in the new Google Search Console.

Google's broadcasting broadcast report will first use telephoning data. Google has updated its indexed broadcasting report to use data that it collects from the first mobile index initiative to be able to; Use desk desktops for sites that have moved mobile first. Google said that this is affecting "buildings that were currently being moved to handset."

What does the report change with the broadcasting index? Google said that the same data that affects this report is related to the "error accounts" statements and "new questions". In progress, the broadcasting report will broadcast this & # 39; Initially open the movable indexing status of these issues. Google said that this change does not affect "recorded page accounts."

When did the report change broadcasting index? Starting on 26 November 2018 and its # 39; On the other hand, it has changed for buildings that have moved to the mobile index initiative first, Google said. You would know if you moved because Google would have told you that your site / center has already moved. If not, Google still uses the desktop's desktop data for this report, at least until you know that your site has moved.

Google sends some of the old reports. Google has been sending messages through the old user version Google Search consults let some of the reports go to, and # 39; go away. The current contacts are available in the old Google Console Search, within the Research Inquiry report, Rich Results report, AMP report, Links report, Access Report Report, Manual Management Report, Mobile Phone Use Report, Statistical Report India and Ltd. All of these reports will be left at any time in the future. Google did not give us a date.

The warning says "Important: The new Research Console will replace this place quickly." Replace your links to identify the new Search Consoles. "Some of the ads will link directly to the new report in the new version of Google Search Console.

Why is it important? The report covers the index cover, if you see changes in errors around November 26 and your site moved first to enter a manual box, it may be related to how which Google describes these errors. It does not affect your ratings, but it's a # 39; impact on the broadcast coverage report. It is a realistic change and your ratings do not have a negative effect.

In the case of Google's removal of some of the old reports in Google's Google Console, Google said that they are not currently in & # 39; Removing reports that are included in the new version of Google Search Consults. In some situations you may need to learn how to use a new report or change your daily routine and start using the new report over the old man. Generally, Google said that you should get the data you want from the new reports. It will take you time to learn how to use them.

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