Goran Djuricin t "If Canad was a friend, I would have been with him in the second" t


  • Klaus Schmidt: "We kicked our chances in the autumn with both feet"
  • Hans Krankl: "Ibertsberger was part of the coaching team, what should he do differently?"
  • Florian Kainz has just "Die Abstauber" about hostility: "Almost five years after I moved to Rapid, there are still events in Graz"
  • "Your Club" Manuel Ortlechner about the dismissal Letsch: "It was not yet known what Thomas Letsch used to play."

Monday Monday saw Sky: "Talk & Tore" on Monday Monday with a coach at SV Mattersburg Klaus Schmidt, a SK Rapid Vienna Vienna Goran Djuricin and air coach Hans Krankl.

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Klaus Schmidt (SV Mattersburg coach)

… about recent changes to coaching: "I believe the reform of this league will help to change coaching weekly. This week – who knows if that is the last one, he accelerates the whole thing and makes you – if you are in this industry – very, very thoughtful And if it follows As a result, it is likely that we will be in place every three to four months, where the question is, and if that is effective. You might look at what happens after changing a coach, you could save one or another (…) of course you are thinking of it as an active coach. t He has been in this situation before, and about living it, it's about professional development. "

… Thomas Letsch: "You have to be seen clearly: There are currently two clubs in Austria which play beyond the league table. This is Red Bull and LASK. Indeed, Austria has another claim, but is the holy truth, and I wish all the next coach in Austria with its success and success.

… About the chance of Mattersburger on the play competition: “I started looking at the constellation and games all last week after the influence of 1- 1. T 0. In the Innsbruck and I realized that every saint's holiday would be five years from the next two weeks Weekends must fall together. Yesterday, he was back in Whitsun, on a Sunday, and possibly Christday. But there are still eight or nine days yet when the next week has to be 5 pm at 5pm. To get to the level: Three games must be possible. (…) That is three games, with about four to six per cent. "

… about lost points in the autumn: "It is not helpful. I moved Marko Kvasina the next day after his faux passport (Note: the punishment lost against Admira was enough) but as I turned it back after him and before any player – which I find very late for the end of the day, but it's not helping to make complaining and mourning. that we can get the bill for it. '

Goran Djuricin (former SK Rapid Wien coach)

… that he took over from his position as trainer: "I always wanted to get rid of that: Damir Canadi called me back as a coach. We knew each other, he wasn't If I were my friend, I would have taken the second one (when it was released, a note). (…) This is reasonable for me, if you are a helper and If you are a friend of years and traveling together, then I stop too, but if a stranger is calling you on to make you a helper, the expectations are quite different. then the club will visit you and ask you: don't you want to try it then I think that is a chance for everyone as a young coach.

… about his current life and the life of the trainer: "I feel a lot better now. I come in a very different atmosphere. It's more fun when you come. otherwise, you don't need to prove yourself for everything. Finally, the person who was refused was also a relaxation, you have to accept it honestly, and that then ended with an extraordinary finish. mind, it wasn't easy for me.

… on the question of whether a valid letsch should be refused: "I think Austria and Rapid are very special, because many people want to have a say – and they let the people go If you have a voice, I think that is a problem and perhaps one of my problems with you – you may already be hearing all months, that you are not satisfied with But you are the third one, hence the correct reason for the beginning, you have to make a decision: Is the record or the performance important to me? The place is very bad and the performance is very poor, and then the coaches also travel, you need to be clear about what you want and I think that it is a year for average. t These are (Letsch, Anm.) Now and now and I think that is fine. I was at Rapid for a year and a half and if I'm thinking now, I find that that is in the long run. The business is like this. "

… When asked if the main problem was Letsch that Austria had a grip on the ball, however, he found a coach standing for the Red Bull system: "I think you often live too long in the past, people always speak about its heritage. Red Bull has no tradition and you can see where Red Bull is. show, what day it is like and how I can get in the future And then every club has to do something I can't find a coach and then tell a half year later : Of course, he doesn't live in. Or the players are not suitable. "

… about Fredy Bickel: "Fredy Bickel was a poor pig. They then just killed and myself. All the successes we had had were counted. I am very grateful to Fredy Bickel. It's a really good person and he's been very supportive because I didn't have a start from the beginning. I might have been a history of Austria or because I was a coach. nothing I knew. "

… about his future as a coach: "It brings me astutely. I have a few jobs behind me. (…) Then I want to implement my thoughts It must be part of the overall package, I just want to make another challenge. '

Hans Krankl (Sky expert)

… about those who came after Wacker Innsbruck and Austria Vienna: "If you take Wacker Innsbruck for example: Karl Daxbacher must go and the coach U21 coach But now at Austria: The coach is full of Ibertsberger, who was an assistant coach, continues (…) I ask myself: What do the clubs want to change? (…) I welcome Robert Ibertsberger as A young coach, but it's not changing, so did he meet the coaching team, what should he do in a different way now? (…) t in the club, takes over it, nothing will change, this is just the club's alibi activity. "

… about the training activities at Rapid and Austria: "I know the club. I can say, who can't say: The largest snake pit, possibly Rapid and Austria t They are the most risky clubs because everyone wants to have a say, because everyone who doesn't have a chance gets involved in things, like a coach you sometimes need to poor pig. Or if you win everything. "

… in terms of the question of one viewer, if he can think of Michael Krammer as Rapach-Präsident not critical: "No!" t


Even the "Die Abstauber" preserved the unusual and new on the Bundesliga Monday morning dust. Florian Kainz talked about the current hostility in Graz and the high reputation of the two Stöger / Schmid coaches in the live tour.

Florian Kainz (Legionnaire at 1. FC Köln) at "Die Abstauber"

… about the antipathy in Graz because of his rapid change: "It was a problem like everything had gone out, Even today, almost five years after I moved to t Rapid, there are currently a number of events in Graz and now – when I am away in Graz or something, it's not that easy, but I don't regret it.

… about Manfred Schmidt's commitment in Cologne and the fame of the coaching duo Stöger / Schmidt: "I must say, I first met him, I didn't even know him personally before. He is very emotional. And from the team t I think that a Schmidt / Stöger training was just about everyone in the cologne of the cologne, I think that they did an amazing job, and everyone speaks positively about it. "

Your club

At “Your Club” football fans could post up interesting news about their favorite club. Today Sky-Expert and former Austrian captain Manuel Ortlechner visited "Dein Verein" in the exhibition.

Manuel Ortlechner (Expert on Sky and old captain of Austria Vienna) at "Dein Verein"

… about Austria's situation: "The great difference in the Altachern divide was the big difference, and that has meant that you have totally removed the three points from Vienna. And that's something I can't understand.S team like Austria Wien, who also makes a very different claim for himself because of this team effort a week ago with a smaller man against Hartberg, one has been opposed to the criticism of many fans and a week after that you will come back to old patterns and I think that is also the main thing they said about governance. The club: I think the coach doesn't really get to the players anymore, and it's like the same thing happens a week after a week. It is up and down, you won't be tidy from the team t Yes, and as a result it is you would have to clear the coach from his duties. "

… about the extermination of Thomas Letsch: "Achieving this group is a side mark, which should be influenced by the limited appeal of Austria Vienna. That is probably very serious and probably that is why the club took this decision and it is also true that, even after about 12, 13 months, it is still not clear what it is. Thomas Letsch's style or style of play stands for me, I think it has changed three times, four, in the last 12, 13 months, and I also saw the last live game, t and as I look at the 90 minutes, there is nothing to recognize me and it is not with other clubs.

… when asked if he was the wrong system for the players or wrong players for the system: "You can see that both these ways. You certainly need to know also when I get a coach, I know in advance beforehand, what does it provide? Does it also meet the profile of requirement I name as a club? This is what I say: You have to do the tasks and you know what you get into the house, and you also had two transition times, you shouldn't forget.

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