Gorgonzola Sweet is contaminated by Listeria


The Ministry of Health, through its institutional website, will express fear for a group of Sweet Gorgonzola PDO contaminated by Listeria monocytogens. Colle Maggio's brand output is considered at the risk of microbiology. The bacteria can cause listeriosis, a rare disease that causes adverse effects: from a hospital to death. It is a warning of the ministry in the people that should not be realized. Customers are advised to do so; recognize that they have bought the crime product "not to eat it" and return it to the retail place where it was purchased, to proceed with the reimbursement or reimbursement.

The recall advertisement presents today's date, Monday 11 February, which will be reminiscent of several batch of Gorgonzola Dop recorded last week . Particular fear of the number 0088003, ending on February 17, 2019, is made at the factory in Camari (Novara) by IGOR srl (qualifying stamp IT 01124 CE).

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