Gorosito and its definition of its & # 39; broadcast: "I hope we will not add the movie again and the shame" 94 Soccer


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EVENTS Alejandro Pagni Agence France-Presse

The 2018 National Competition will be described very narrowly. Catholic University is still a leader of the event with 55 points, but the University of Chile has only two units (53 points) and three at Universidad de Concepción (52 points), so it is expected to complete a final on two ends of the end.

Like this year, there was another competition in which & # 39; Crusaders & # 39; Blues to & # 39; fought for the title, 1994. In that competition, there were 49 points on the U.S. but only over the precordillera that finished the second, in one of the competitions with the memories worst for the UC & # 39 ;.

And anyone who knew that suffering was in the court Néstor Raúl Gorosito. The idol of Crusaders, in an interview with La Tercera, added that season that her lover again has a Catholic University to fight for the archive's competition , The to emphasize the doubts that leave the & # 39; Blues & # 39;.

"I was not just out during the competition and then he spoke and made a little more public. What about the referee Carlos Robles, there are three minutes in the classical university that receives yellow, Visiting Salas that was a half-meter meter, which was too rubbish. And then I see a father with President Eduardo Frei when the & # 39; Number 94 a & # 39; promises "said the pipe & # 39 ;.

He was the player; Previously the & # 39; UC & # 39; when asked whether there was intervention intervention for the University of Chile to be a heroHe said that "No doubt. As well as seeing a very good team with & # 39; U & 39, and that I recognize it with difficulties, with amazing staff, the essays were very dangerous. Al Beto stopped him for shouting, they threw me against the U and in the same game they will not block them and he's going to do it. aim to end. "

That decision made him "I do not know how many penalties they gave them during the competition. And the final game against Cobresal for what is said, if it was very embarrassing, as it seems, there would be a definite game between the two universities. "

The Pipo & # 39; for inquisition Carlos Robles, arguing that "Robles commented on a very good referee and after all that he opposed us and the deeds, I was embarrassed in front of me I do not know anything else. If it is not even if the Paper Court stopped me that time, he threw me in front of the U, but the rates were already what they had to do. "

Regarding the achievement of that Catholic University in 1994, Gorosito said "we took the company's top competitor, we were the team with the right fair, the smallest goals We're up against … a team can not ask for more. I hope the same thing will not happen, I do not think it would be too much. We hope that the scanning and the mass will not be repeated on that visit. The 94 one of the best teams I played in my life. "

In this regard, the Pipe & # 39; said that this site would "respect the Catholic history, constantly see and give priority to the attack, tenancy game. ; save the speed, and I'm stressing the bridge, the gap, with the UC that has just happened recently with Barcelona ".

Finally, when asked about what Beñat San José needs UC & # 39; so that the title is not to be escaped, Gorosito said: "I think we need to see how the school is doing, morally, knowing them to be constantly says "to leave camps, it depends on us. & # 39; for sure They are the best team in Silein competition because they all have been in competition. "

"Tell them to be reluctant to them, that they are completely hanging and they all become fairies. If they perform according to their abilities in these two games, they can & # 39; This big year crown with the title ", he punished the idol of Crusaders.

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