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Football of France, Ballot Office and Golden Globes, on November 15. The world's most prestigious private playwright's identity will be released at a Gala night in Paris on December 3. But from here there are lots of sounds about the shortlist.

Page Tuttosport (Italy) says that there are two of Luz Modric and Raphael Varane at Real Madrid, along with the PSG young star, Kylian Mbappe. However, this newspaper is not sure about the winner, but Modric has more opportunities, as he has passed, Ronaldo and Messi won the best FIFA, and thanked the fighting with Croatia in the & # 39; World Cup final.

It is expected Ronaldo and Messi will not win the Golden Globes this year.

It is expected Ronaldo and Messi will not win the Golden Globes this year.

Page L & E; Équipe (France) also promotes folklore and questioning when they were announcing his & her; short video of the prize on November 19th. So after the short ball of Ronaldo won the Golden Ball on last year's Eiffel Tower, Mbappe, Varane and Modric were the others that appeared in the # 39; video here, and several other names.

After L & E; Équipe video distribution, Tuttosport and another Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera he said that the first time in 10 years is that Ronaldo and Messi are not among the three candidates in the first 10 years; shortlist for Gold Ball.

L & # 39; Équipe launches the Golden Globe 2018 video

Earlier 9/11, Eric Mamruth, a prestigious French radio reporter RFI Showing important Twitter information about three names in the # 39; shortlist. "After the organizers have a look at all 50% of the votes, the three players who managed the accounts: 1) Modric 2) Varane and 3) Mbappe ".

But who Modric, Varane, Mbappe will win this year, that person has been the first player or Ronaldo no Messi, who won the Gold Ball from Kaka in 2007. Juventus is on the spot. Barca influences the world's top individual prize (five times in 10 years), which will be closed on December 3.

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