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Newer NHL season is a richer appearance. Buffalo hockey player has been able to map the league's record for the last few years, but they can be proud of their own.

"The NHL is still there and it plays it as the best work in the world, but I got caught in the season that left me, I lost my love for her game, it's tough and he's taking it inside, it's hard to be hockey, "

Ryan O'Reilly's words for from the end of the last open season were unexpected and a future threat in the Buffalo team. Three months later, there was no Canadian hockey player in the camera.

They could not hear their words. These were only the result of the dark years that were left on the "fight." All these failures, all of these failures. His message was a clear indication of the need for a huge change in the Buffalo studio room. And they came.

Do you know what team was there in the NHL on the whole day of April and on its head today? It is called Buffalo Sabers and not just the future, but it seems like it is now.

Jeff Skinner.

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Jeff Skinner.

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Before the Wednesday game with Philadelphia, Buffalo had a series of six successful games. He can not dream something about that. However, from the "tinker" of the season, he became a young man contaminated by sharp stones behind his belt. And opponents have the same "line" after the island.

"I was unhappy in Buffalo's exchanges, but they've been a great return to play off the playoffs for seven years," after a summer change from St. Representative of Louis Czech Vladimír Sobotka for It was just a walk on the far side of O & Reilly.

And although "bluesmani" is worried at the beginning of this season, the young "slave" team has risen. On their account, in mid-November, 13 are benefited from 21 matches. Last season they were waiting for benefits by the end of January.


But what did it have to be done so that the team that is shaken would be frightened? The answer is simple: everything. As he had been out of Buffalo for the last 11 years. At the end of Chris Drury and Danny Brier, they played the final of the conference. But they went off for a while.

"They have changed owners, ordinary directors, coaches and dark-day players – when they lost Drury and Brier on July 1st 2007. But current regulation is building forward to a clear future and Jeff Skinner as part of it " to write website.

Skinner's flagship is the main summer death of Buffalo's leadership. Caroline worried Canada and was looking for a new inspiration. The spelling of the "barn" with Captain Jack Jack Eichel was literally.

"In the first 18 games of the season, it has set up 13 goals, with the story of Rick Martin and Wilf Paiement and two more Miroslav Šatan 21 years ago, with the same score in the first Skinner Pat LaFontaine's first story declined 25 years ago. Better than better – Alasdair Mogilev with 16 goals, " Icon for

Buffalo players a joy: Jason Pominville (29), Rasmus Ristolainen (55), Jack Eichel (9) and Jeff Skinner (53).

pictures in a photo gallery

Buffalo players a joy: Jason Pominville (29), Rasmus Ristolainen (55), Jack Eichel (9) and Jeff Skinner (53).

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While Drury and Briere were their venues and Captain Eichel, , Skinner is a passenger. And for this type of soldier in Buffalo they were waiting for a long time. Skinner will get the Šatana connection, which received from Sabers from 1997 to 2004 gradually with 22, 40, 33, 29, 37, 26 and 29 visits. Since then Buffalo had no better shield. And maybe just Thomas Vanek.

"I've been looking for a new start, the time is over and I'm not scared, I'm happy because it has come on, I'm happy here and I'm still wanting to to develop " report on the portalSkinner, is conserved promptly by the general manager Jason Botterill.

As the portal says: "Skinner is a fascinating player in the game 5 to 5 and Buffalo Bull Achilles has been in the last few years."


However, the team's boost is far from shocking. FIN Rasmus Ristolainen It is only 24 years old, but for several seasons it is affect the protection of the "sausages".

During the summer, Buffalo made a great impact: the team attacked the Swedish unit Rasmus Dahlin, the symbol of the clear future of the team. Buffalo raised out of his / her first situation for 31 years. And they went after the story of the spell slippers of Pierre Turgeon.

"What's amazing at his game is a behavioral behavior, he plays as a soldier, and has a good game, and it's hard to say that the team is the best player , " Dahlina will evaluate her & # 39; port

"It's so easy to play in this team because we know it's a great feeling even though we play, and so we're back in the game, I like to be playing for this team, has been reported recently Dahlin Portal

Rasmus Ristolainen.

pictures in a photo gallery

Rasmus Ristolainen.

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Playing yet

In addition to Skinner, Ristolainen, Dahlina no Eichel, however, young people such as Casey Mittelstadt and Sam Reinhart are also at risk. In the summer months, she came from Pittsburgh as well as an American poster in the two-time Conor Sheary Stanley Cup award.

The second breath of the young people was captured by the old man Jason Pominville. And this is all coached by the coach Phil Housley, formerly a Buffalo player.

"When we play, so we'll bend, but we will not break, we broke in the last season and played the games and we still play, which is amazing in the this game: they do not play " are happy Housley for

"You look around the dresser and see that the boys trust each other to carry out their actions," pounds Eichel for If his team continues this way, Buffalo's seven years will be Waiting for play in spring 2019.



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