Gotham season 5 – Folded images on the final that may be in the character of ESE


The Gotham series is near its final. After detailed information on the first tractor of the final section of the series and its output; Bane's first official statue, new images that are now sliced ​​in the series show that a particular character may appear in this season and the " last season Gotham.

Since now SPOILERS of Gotham

In the next chapter of Gotham Season 5 that will be broadcast in the United States Bruce Wayne and Jeremiah at Ace Chemicals. Through a few peripheral images have an idea of ​​how Joker at the end of the row. You can view the pictures below.

Gotham Season 5 - Spelling images of the Joker
Gotham Season 5 - Spelling images of the Joker

According to Movie Comic Book episodes, these pictures come to an end Gotham, which is located ten years in the future. They show the Joker with special joy, bright skin and amazing fragments. And, it's been very dumb, with just a few rows of hair on its head. This has been added to some of the most recently stolen photographs of Penguin and Enigma more like the comics that belong to the final part of the series.

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What do you think of the images that were cleared of the character of their ancestors Joker there Gotham Season 5?

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