Governance recognition: head of technology


Microsoft's president has urged Australia and other countries to govern rule before influencing democratic freedom.

Brad Smith said international dialogue was needed to address issues such as prejudice and discrimination, commercial privacy and the potential impact of democratic freedom if abuse and abuse is being done -their.

At present, market managers such as Microsoft and NEC are making decisions on where to make the line on each case.

"What we want to avoid a commercial race is to a minimum," he said to a business conference in Sydney on Thursday.

“We don't want a race to the bottom where people just set up on unprecedented technology, with customers in countries that might not be keeping up with human rights. and democratic ideas, and seeing the market.

Mr Smith said governments have "more important" place in new technology such as AI.

“We are the first people in the history of the humanity to pass on this power to machinery, he said.

"So, for the future of humanity, it is vital that we think this through."

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