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On November 14th, the messages of the National Assembly agreed to do so; situation of complaints and reporting citizens. The reports show that the situation of the People's Committee is not at all stages; Strongly enforcing the law on getting citizens, the Law on Administration Literature.

Speaking to reporters, Vu Trong Kim's representative said the need for robust management measures of Higher authorities handle, review, and overcome this situation. If such a situation lasts, the result is that the minds, aspirations of the people are not resolved, are people who lose confidence in government.

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Member National Assembly Vu Trong Kim

"Letters of people should be categorized, which is true, that is not true. Yes, it must be resolved, it is not correct, it also needs a response, say enough to understand the people. avoid, move the letter to do what? "- Mr Vu Trong Kim said.

He also said that it is impossible for the People's Committee chairs to identify the reasons for being too busy so that they can not organize a citizen reception record and not set up administrative court sessions when the people case.

State administration is the work to be done by the people. As the person who serves on both sides of the life of the people. Not only is the person making the administrative decisions to solve problems depending on the role and authority that are related to the interests and aspirations of the people by law.

The daily life of society, of those connected to the law, from birth, death, building of houses, land management …, is linked to the government. Residents have the right to request a request, ask the director to deal with the law and the law, and then the headteacher should not be avoided.

Citizenship Law requires the President of the departmental population to meet the citizen at least once a month, and the chair of the Commonwealth Committee must to & # 39; get a citizen at least once a week. The Assembly's National Sustainable Committee, the extent to which people are legally labeled, but the law does not provide a contract of control.

According to Vu Trong Kim advocate, the financial instrument is to evaluate the termination of the work. If that headteacher does not make that one year, he must "leave" the chairman.

"Your work is to work with people you can not do, so it's OK. Your work is with the people, not just with other organizations, to visit one place. The main purpose of the Chair is the people. The main content of the People's Committee is at all stages of people, people's lives. So we need to spend time with the people and people. I can say that I'm busy working with this group, other organizations, but the people who left it. You do not know the right thing, not the headteacher, "said Kim.

Not only does he "want to" get people, the People's Committee Chairman is at every "annoying" level to fulfill his duty to be involved in administrative court matters when the law was not legal. Mr Vu Trong Kim said, unless the Chairman of the People Committee, then empowers the Deputy President in accordance with the rules, but can not allow an advisory level, an office.

"The law does not do that, you'll avoid it, you should not be a bigger president," he said.

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