GPS anti misplacement popular: Lo Prado is launching a free administrator for people with Alzheimer's and Communist


At the request of the neighbors, the Municipality Lo Prado has just launched a new plan to deal with one of the problems that arise from a suffering from Alzheimer's disease: the loss with a mistake.

It is a run-in device in a & # 39; general "Vamos Contigo" plan that works with GPS and generates a key. In this way, the carrier can be moved at any time, as well as receiving S. in an emergency situation.

"Our responsibility is to improve the quality of life of neighbors, and so we have done this project that will bring benefits to adults more mostly the oldest, often referred to in the background, "said Lo Prado Maximiliano Rivers

The device, with a car device measurement, has a range of 34 hours uninterrupted and can be checked from a mobile or computer demand with relatives or close to older people. The idea is to connect to the fabric or neck.

Maximiliano Ríos The sailor at the administrator's delivery ceremony. / La Prado Towns

The alarm, called from the town, is free of charge for everyone who lives in Lo Prado. he needs medical. "Initially, we found that 150 people had Alzheimer's disease and were treated in one of the 4 health centers in the communion, 50 of which are still stroke and have original symptoms, and Because they are able to get lost, we'll try to talk to them. 38 families, who get the machine as soon as possible ", and # 39 ; explains Dr. Paula Tapia, head of Municipal Health & Fitness Department.

In any case, Tapia explains that they continue to & # 39; Looking for more neighbors that need the device and the plan is free in the future, from which its Corporation is funded.

This GPS system has been added to a recent transport initiative, which offers the free movement to the four CESFAMs in Lo Prado, through a bus method with a record- time and paths, without cost to people and their partners.

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