Grammy 2019, gala for women and rap


Powerful female voices over the stage in delivery Grammy this Sunday: Lady Gaga, Second Lipa, Kacey Musgraves, Brandi Carlile and Cardi B They have been donated for their music, from different species but with a common intention: to keep the way for other women to continue to & shine in the industry.

But he was also a rap that marked rap, species to date has been largely drawn.

"This is America", hold the gospel Childish Gambino, full of weapons of war and racist in the United States, who won the best song and recording of the year, The first time a song of this species was acquired in these areas.

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An album of the year He wanted the country singer Kacey Musgraves for "Gold Hour".

Out of the four main areas, two went to Gambino, I changed the actor Danny Glover, who did not attend the service, and the other two women.

"Women have a unique look at art, music, and it's great to have the opportunity to be introduced," said Musgraves to reporters after the service. "You have women who have balls to run art It may not be a taste of all, but it also allows others to investigate and. gives us the opportunity. "

Monologue na vagina

Gambino closed the night with four grammars, like Musgraves; Lady Gaga and Brandi Carlile They won three.

But over the awards, it was clear that the marching of women's voices was appealing.

"Let's have a blank monologue", Janelle Monáe launched her amazing exhibition, as well as H.E.R. no Gaga, no an master of ceremonies Alicia Keys, who won 15 Grammys and her first wife, Animation to this disease in 14 years … And obviously it was not limited to having a # 39; awards.

Simultaneously playing two pianos, he presented an amazing "Oran songwriting" featuring songs such as "Unlocking" by Nat King Cole and "Killing Me Softly" with The Fugees.

He was also emotional Praise as Katy Perry, Musgraves, Miley Cyrus and Marren Morris surrendered to Dolly Parton, and the one that Andra Day, Fantasia and Yolanda Adams added to the story of Aretha Franklin who died.

Play Jennifer Lopez to Motown, despite being on & # 39; criticizing before being a black artist, and Diana Ross celebrated her 75th anniversary Sing with eyes of tears, but the voice is full.

"They gave me the best years of my life", they sang a comic show that ended with prophecy: "Happy birthday to me!"

Another man who won a show First United States Attorney Michelle Obama, spoke at the beginning of his show, just after the number of "Havana" with the performance by Camila Cabello by Ricky Martin, J Balvin and the Arturo Sandoval trumpet.

"Music helps me tell my story," said her first woman. "Music shows us everything has happened".

The rap of Cardi B

The director of the academy, Neil Portnow, who leaves office near a year after encouraging a riot by saying that artists "have their efforts to revive" should be recognized, "diversity and inclusion" promise is his full speech.

"I think I've closed my efforts," said Eric Lipa in a row when he won the prize for an artist; appear.

Ariana Grande won the first gramophone of her role and she was not there to find it, after a variety of differences by making the ritual that made her come to a decision not to attend.

Y Cardi B was the first Grammy to a single rapper. "I can not breathe, God," she was feeling tired, happy.

It is a species that has not been badly taken so far.

Indeed, Gambino, who did not attend the event, refused to work in this edition of Grammy, just like the winner also made Drake and Kendrick Lamar, the artist with most of the nominations, eighteen, disappeared largely in small.

Last year, the name is rap Jay-Z arrived with eight bids and finished the night with free, creating strong judgments made by its & # 39; The group expanded the number of nominees in the four main sectors, from four to eight.

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