Grammys 2019: Ariana Grande and Donald Glover appear in cartoon ads only


Sundays in the Grammys, awards were awarded. But when Wiz Khalifa disappeared with Oreos with his son, Serena Williams launched an amazing car, and the head at Ariana Grande, Singing "7 rings", the song produced by Ken Ehrlich, the producer of Grammys, after playing on the stage, in a new comparison for Apple's Memoi feature.

"Look at my neck!" The Ariana Grande cartoon was ordained, despite her neck. Similar commercial comparisons have been made to show both Florida Florida Line, two Grammy countries, and the best known artist of 2018 Khalid. The true Ariana Grande won the best pop album for Sweetener, and the behavior of Cinderella member members to sit on their own floor.

But how does this advert even mean? Which small cartoons are these?

It is an account in Memoji on Animoji, the feature that enabled X iPhone owners to put their own voice into a series of different animal heads (or poo emoji). These are the usual Animojis that are intended to be the distributor – in particular the same as Bitmoji Snapchat, but they only do it; move. They are only available on the latest four iPhones – X, XS, XS Max, and XR – because they need Apple's new Apple technology to make a proper face mapping. You can upload videos up to 30 seconds to your Memoji in iMessage, if that looks more funny than the usual voice note.

Donald Glover, who won the Song of the Year and Record of the Year for his first song "This is America", which was released under the music minister Childish Gambino, also stay home from the ritual. It was only a short time, in a summary that was already recorded on his own Instagram, and as a lively animated version of each other who has a dance battle for each other for the Google & Playmoji feature. The name was Stiogairean; on Play Play Playmoji's first app, and uses real-tech technology with Google to add dance celebrities to pictures and videos built by any of their Pixel phones. Google is especially proud of how Playmoji's lifelike produces, saying they are " throwing screens and interacting with light in a reasonable way, and that they can even "[react] Give your words in real time, thank your machine learning. "

(Both are slightly better than Samsung's AR Emoji, which appeared in February 2018 and Sam Byford said The Verge was a "terrible kind").

The Commercial AdAge announcement declared a commercial transaction such as "ad duel," announcing one tweet to ask me, "Am I the only one who did not know a great military race in emoji tech?" This is a type of violent and dramatic problems (which I have just appeared in my own subheading line and I look at it Both commercial traditions are as spectacular as it can be a great sport on Monday).

Google has been talking to Pixel's advanced philosophy and creative features to a large extent, and seems to have spent a lot of change on the corporal rights and movements of Donald Glover (both under the copyright Writing) as well as the rights of the unrecognized "Human sacrifice" song as well as the amount it costs for its time. It is likely that the inspiration for shelling for the best emoji technology and a well-known and well-known society is very clear: worldwide, most people have Android phones, but in the US, the best 82 percent of iPhone teenagers.

Apple has already been a cultural traditions and long-term connection to a music industry, Explain that Grammys varieties of kind are useful and maybe very handsome – that way, "7 rings" is an appropriate choice, obvious-song point! But the different Ariana Grande Memoji are not shown in the air that look like her in particular, and it's just as uncomfortable that it is a needless blob that's a? talks about his "cute skin" that America should suffer in the live showcase of Ariana Grande. In this battle, I must say, I can not choose a champion. (Indeed, I can, and it's Kacey Musgraves!)

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