Graz researchers recognized the positive effects of vitamin D on metabolism


D vibration is well-known in creating bones. Vitamin, which is the same hormone, can also take part in the fertile fruit of women and in metallic processes. Graz University researchers have had a positive influence on blood glucose levels in the study funded by the Austrian Science Property (FWF).

Sunbeams will produce the vitamin D product<! – –

Sunbeams will produce the vitamin D product

Political symbols are one of the main causes of non-supportive non-childminders of young women. In Austria, this hormonal disagreement affects about ten to a hundred percent of women, as explained by artist Graz Elisabeth Lerchbaum. A species of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) has become larger and increased male sex hormone. In addition to the often unhealthy desire for patients of patients to be more considered of patients' risks to cardiovascular disease and diabetes type II, tell the lawyer to the APA. The vitamin D contention is adversely affected, depending on the endocrinologist, which has been working for years on its. vitamin which is in a smoke-free problem and a & quot; His influence on being & # 39; replace it.

"At the University's Department of In-Medicine today, we regularly measure vitamin levels among those who are influencing the results of our survey on the effects add vitamin D, "said doctor of the Department for Neuroscience and Diabetology of Med-University Graz. In their random and controlled placebo study, 330 women with vitamin D deficiency participated: 180 women with 150 women without PCOS. They got all vitamin D once a week for six months.

Improving blood sugar levels better

The results welcomed the Graz research team: In the women with PCOS, and # 39; taking the vitamins after adversely affecting blood sugar levels. In addition to rapid blood transfusion values, the quotations after measuring food in the study were also added. So, very early beginners of type II diabetes can be registered, Lerchbaum reads. This is relevant because blood sugar levels are slightly high or high levels of insulin at an early stage in PCOS early stages. The aim of researchers is to reduce the risk of diabetes to reduce the risk of diabetes. get early.

In Graz University Hospital for In-Medication Insurances, PCOS patients suffering from vitamin D are in any position that can be found; get a dose of vitamin D vitamin D and vitamin D as well as the usual cure. Looking for a longer time, a Graz-based research team would like to find out if the measure is able to do "delay" or even stop the start of diabetes type-2.

As long as the worry is worried, the doctor is warns her about taking her away without medical instruction. She advises not to & # 39; Provide vitamin D in general without prior proof of the degree. The result is often ro-rosal. According to their money received from the FWF PCOS Science Science study, Vitamin D had the "plus" in the healthy partners, quite unsuitable for the blood sugar value.

The body itself can be made with Vitamin D, which is similar to other vitamins. For this reason, not just vitamin D is a vitamin in the true removal but a hormone. Only the small part of the requirement on its diameter is covered by a & # 39; food, but sun rays on her skin; produce a product.

service: C. Trummer, V. Schwetz, M. Kollmann, E. Lerchbaum et al .: Impact on the expansion of vitamin D on metabolic and endocrine patterns in PCOS: a controlled test course ", European Journal of Nutrition 2018: http: // go / LTZDDKZA

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