Great euphoria in Zlatorog: Celjani was a Zagreb


CELJE – In the town near Savinja, handball holiday is best developed. Zlatorog's fair hall is a stallar in a handball the class the Slovakian campaigns were after the glamorous show on the knees that brought traditional opponents from the Croatian capital.

After the third influence – before they met opposition from German Flensburg and Zaporozhye Ukrainian – Celjani went back to the town, and promoted them in the eighth final in the " The most famous club competition on the old continent, and the route to the fighting after that is a bad black and full of cards. The first chance for a new win in the & # 39; A beautiful B group in the next round when they are away with a competitive partner; currently from Zaporozhye. This game will be on Sunday, November 25th.

Strategist Celje Tomaž Ocvirk He put the backpack in the first place Klemna Ferlina, jersey Jana Jurečiča there Tilna Kodrina, there are outside occupations William Accambray, The Branko Vujović there Rok Ovniček, and on the line with competitors Kristian Beciri. Its clients have opened their game well, from the first moment that they were very enjoyable and their. Desire to stop the recent loss of the Zagreb Arena at 22:24.

Celje's protection was the highest possible in the first minute, Cròatich failed to solve it, and after the home from 5: 2, the Zagrebers gap responded to him; ask for a minute break. Guide to the expert and with all lumps of lubrication Lina Červar The result came, the Zagrebans came to the delay of three minutes later (6: 5). Then Celjani once again played the correct rhythm and went to three goals in the 21 minutes (9: 6), but at the end of the first part, he was seriously injured in the attack, but only one goal in the last nine minutes of a hard and unfinished game was successful. about it.

The Slovakian nobles finished the second half with a visitor benefit (10: 9), and at the start of their game, they advanced their performance to a higher degree. The defense was quite perfect and the game was in a mixed and imaginative attack. All of this was known in the "movie of the match", six players won six goals (19: 13) in the summer 42 minutes, two goals the gatekeeper got FerrySouth-West Handmakers in yellow jumps, 46 minutes after the goals of Kodrina and Ovnička, did not succeed in extending the benefit to +8 (22: 14). In 52 minutes their benefits were nine goals (25: 16) and it was clear to everyone in the hall that their pets would win gold instead.

Branko Vujovic's seven goals is the most effective in the Celje team, and Tilen Kodrin has six goals.

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