Great mammals … Blood Awareness in Second Cattle


The event, Terazidere Mahallesi Çiftehavuzlar Street took place at about 00:30 degrees. Unfortunately, the turquoise taxi driver, Nihat Elçi, was a traveler from Beşiktaş to the taxi to Bayrampaşa. Here, Elconi's suspicious car caught as a buyer.

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After traveling with her & # 39; For a short time, the person who suspected his gun was shot, burning a taxi driver Elçi for a non-special cause. After the incident, the man who was very suspicious of the scene moved. Medical teams from the sight of the taxi driver were severely injured to a nearby private hospital. The ambassador can not afford the intensive care unit to be saved despite all interventions.


Police and police officers were warned to the place and made inquiries. Bayrampasa Public Security teams and Lawsuit Bureau teams began to work for the suspects to get rid of the scene.


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In the images that appear on camera and # 39; carriage, the suspicious person is decorated as a user in the back seat of his vehicle and then to & # 39; shoot his gun and burn it to the top of the taxi driver. Although the taxi driver of Nihat Elçi is still in the blood, the suspicious person looks at his face; carriage. Then the person who suspects to move away quickly from the scene.

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