Great money raised for playing cars, Mercedes's big business was successful


Starting early in the morning, the selling weight on the # 39; market pressed on & # 39; the index. The fishing money at the bottom of the VN-Index reduced to 5.26 points, or 0.57%, but on the HSX there were 163 losses out of 84 promoters. The morning session VN-Index closed at 913.76 points.

At the same time, the HNX-Index also dropped 0.44 points, or 0.42%, to 103.47, as 70 councilors dropped out of 41 councilors.

Increase market intelligence significantly compared to previous sessions. The total trading number on HSX came to 82.34 million shares, equivalent to VND2,248.43 billion on HNX and 17.56 million sections on VND236.51 billion.

In the VN Index, GAS "delivered" to 1.2 points. Last year GAS VND2,000 lost. In addition, FEB, VCB, NVL, BVH … had a negative impact on today's index, where the BID contributed 4,500 dong to 239,000 dong.

IDB, HPG arise, but the small increase in these codes does not suffice to create a wonder for its market.

HAX started extensively in the morning session after a long time and side trade

HAX started extensively in the morning session after a long time and side trade

In the midst of the market changes, HAX has a strong increase in Haxaco Cooperative Stock (Haxaco) with 800 dong, equivalent to 5.2% to 16,300 dong per share. Previously, the code was changing, changing up and down in the range of 100-300 dong / share.

Last November, Haxaco has accepted the plan to buy 1 million HAX shares for financial shares. The aim is to reduce the number of digits; sections that are unique and increasing the value of HAX. Time to be traded in November 2015 – January 20119.

Haxaco is the first licensed distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Vietnam. Haxaco, from the end of August, said cars that were introduced to Mercedes began to enter Vietnam into traces. So, Haxaco's representative is saying that there will be an increase at the end of the year in the current situation. Most customers have booked their cars at the beginning of the year and have to build their cars at the end of the year.

According to the Vietnam Valuation Association (VAMA) report, in the first 10 months, the sale of this brand saw 4,820 units. In terms of Haxaco, in the first nine months of this year, his & her; The company reported sales of VND 3,280.9bn, up 18.9% y / y and VND81.1bn, up 4.1% y / y.

Back to their stock market, it is Believe that the lossoff in the US market will have a bearing on the negative movements of the current media. On Tuesday, Dow Jones's business average fell 2.21% to 24,465.64. S & P lost 1.82% to 2,641.89 and Nasdaq lost 1.7% to 6,908.82.

This is the second sales session in the US, which focuses on technology stock. In particular, Apple consumes 4.8%, which is & # 39; Falling to the lowest rate since the beginning of May on investors' concerns about launching an iPhone application.

Nasdaq, therefore, has at its lowest level over 7 months and the S & P 500 and Dow Jones closed at the lowest level since the end of October.

Mai Chi

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