Great reduction in lung disease


Hungarian doctor Kateline Vardi said that singing together, a new type of physical and spiritual treatment of lung diseases was a "Breathing for the Soul" group, after learning that a patient was like in countries Another to benefit from a & # 39; sing.

The band, which was set up in spring spring, was held last Thursday in the Budapest hotel dining room.

The leader of the Orchestra of Giorgi Philip won the songs, showing the patient's abilities. He said that it was a big challenge in his & her; A concert for the people who had not previously done the stage.

"We chose songs to allow patients to make longer lines and bread more difficult, and they could move through this system," he said.

Members of the band – a lot of persistent lungs and sustained lungs; Attending hospitals throughout Hungary – saying that singing has improved their lives.

"I did not think in my life that I can sing," said Maria Arani, 74, who has been playing a "# 39; suffering a bone for 10 years, "after singing I gave me an awareness that I could breathe easier."

Many people with respiratory illnesses suffer from themselves in everyday life, and group singing helps them get new friends.

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The Hungarian doctor's order coincides with World Universe Day on the Revival of Famous Plant Plant Diseases.

The word "ongoing cronological disease" is not one disease. It is a term of shades that are being taken; used to describe lung lung diseases that will restrict airflow in the lungs.

The most common terms such as degradation and grass are now in use, but are now included in diagnosing pandemic contamination.

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