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Huffington Post (South Korea) said that many of Vietnam's casualties in the game said: "The referee made the mistake that he placed a flag on his side out of the end of the goals. This can not be a situation where Van Toan is not protected by Myanmar and the referee's decision is clearly uncertain.

The same idea is that the Cosmos is even more difficult to believe that the error of the black man has had a significant impact on the Hang Park Park staff. This is an "unacceptable" impact.

Vietnam lost its impact because the referee has been in a position; wrong mistake. This is a shame for parents of Park Hang teacher here "

The Korean media gifts for this teacher's Park Hang teacher - picture 1

Van Toan was not a bad resource of serious sadness Ngoc Linh

Unfortunately, Chosun was still praising the ability of Vietnam's Fine; wins its top before the & # 39; final.

"The rest of the timetable in the organization level is very favorable to Vietnam, they need to play a weaker team than the Cambodian team at Cambodia's home, it will be against the Myanmar game is very difficult to predict. Therefore, Vietnam's telephony has the opportunity to continue after the end of its very clear group.

The Korean media gifts for this teacher's Park Hang teacher - picture 2

Van To had a disappointment when the referee was wrong Ngoc Linh

Similarly, Sports Seoul also said: "When Tel Fyne won its home to Cambodia, its first leader will change on owners because DT Myanmar will have a march to the Malayalam, where" The tigers "are very powerful .

It's difficult to win Myanmar here. So, it's time for Hang Coach to continue to & # 39; showing her talents by opposing her & # 39; wins to win their first place "

Also, on the Korean Interfootball website, Jung Ji Hoon said: "Vietnam's phone, although he can not visit the goals in Myanmar, but now he has turned off in the final.

With a strong defender who has not betrayed him since the start of his competition, just raising the scourge, Cambodia has a potential impact on the home field of Saturday inside the school. HLV Park Hang Seo ".

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Quang Hai is hosting Vietnam's goods into the Cambodian grid Ngoc Linh

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